About This Project


Part of the Prinkipia franchise, Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt is a brand of healthful frozen yogurt and toppings, with over twenty Southern California locations where people from all walks of life can sit back and enjoy a simple snack. From Green Apple to Mango, Green Tea to Coffee, Prinkipia has a blend of fun, vitamin-packed flavors made from high-quality ingredients.


The challenge was to create a website and product photography that matched the company’s existing branding and illustrative images.


The strategy was to use the website to create a story. This included photographing the product and storefront, customizing the locations map and form fields, and incorporating existing color schemes and images to create a cohesive brand and website.


The campaign resulted in a playful website design that pulled together existing elements of the brand. The website includes a customized locations map that includes all of the stores’ hours as well as custom-stylized form fields. Prinkipia’s website is a perfect blend of the brand’s imaginative colors and graphics and fresh new product photography.

Client: Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt
Photography, Sitemap, Website Design, Website Development, Wordpress