About This Project


In 2014 mobile app gaming was building in success and popularity. SX Media LLC wanted to produce an exciting game that would appeal to the Supercross crowd – Angry Bikes.


Through collective collaboration with the mobile app development company, Liv Game, create Angry Bikes brand and marketing materials for successful launch.


The strategy was to brand the game by advertising on Supercross.com, securing sponsorships and spokespeople among the Supercross riders, creating promotional materials, designing print and digital ads and creating ad placements within the app.


The campaign resulted in a unified brand that coincided with Supercross and attracted the motor sports audience. This included punchy themed advertisement on Supercross’s website, logo development for the game, promotional materials such as t-shirts, in-app ad placements and compelling print and digital ads. Consequently, Angry Bikes had a successful launch and is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Itunes app store. The game features fast and frantic arcade action with tons of unlockable bikes, characters, upgrades and tricks.

Client: SX Media LLC
Banner Ads, Direct Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Logo Development, Mobile Campaigns, Website Design, Website Development